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The overwhelming End of Day mess in your child's play area? No longer an issue

by Renata Stojmenovic
The overwhelming End of Day mess in your child

Before your baby turns 1, probably you’ll manage keeping their toys organized one way or another. Because after all, they are most probably babies who sit, smile, cry, and play with what you put in front him.

However, after the age of 1 - babies begin walking. Babies begin exploring.

And opening cabinets. Their toy cabinet... And pulling things out of cabinets. And throwing things. And asking for more.
So, you regularly find yourself on Amazon searching for the next stage of toy he needed to keep his busy mind and growing body stimulated.
It becomes very time-consuming work making it look tid

4 Steps for making their play area tidy using
Montessori method:

1. Pull everything out of the toy cupboard, empty toy bags and Let's start.

2. Sort toys according to their purpose
-toys to teach vocabulary (animal figurines, flashcards)
-toys for active play and gross motor skills (larger items like the tunnel, basketball hoop,   
  ride-on toy, climber, etc.)
-toys that require task completion and using fine motor skills (stacking triangle, infant   coin box, hammer and pegs, etc.).
-toys that make music (drum, xylophone, etc.)
-arts and crafts toy.

3. Keep one to two items per group on the toy shelf, clearly displayed and accessible for the child to reach.

4. Store other toys where child can’t access them but that you can easily get to for toy rotation within a few weeks (i.e. if you have three puzzles, one should stay available in its toy cupboard, the other two should be stored away and should be switched out at a later date).

How will this affect the kid?

I’m sure every kid’s brain will be running through some confused version of: 7 toys?! What the what?! Where did all of my things go?! MOM!

But you should constantly talk to your child about each of his toys:
Jack, would you like to build a tower with your blocks?
We can play with these animals.
Or we can make music with this drum.
Or we can put this puzzle together.

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Eventually, your little one will grab one and get to work tinkering, totally focused, and not overwhelmed with decision fatigue or overstimulation of “what should I play with next?!” but “HOW should I play with it next?”

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We advise watching your kid playing closely, and when he loses interest (doesn’t engage with it in a day), store it away for a few weeks before bringing it back out. New toys coming out every few weeks means it’s like Christmas morning all the time but without mom and dad having to go buy new things.

Beside game, parents should slowly start implementing the other methods from the Montessori instructional book, such as simple household chores the child can help with – like getting his own plate or cup, helping pick out his clothes, putting clothes in the hamper and encouraging exploration outdoors, etc.

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