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Why battery toys are not Montessori aligned?

“When choosing a toy for a child, the child should play more than the toy.”

Battery operated toys can limit kids' attention span, creativity and imagination because they just prefer to sit and watch a toy, rather than bring the toy to life by moving it themselves and using their imagination.

 The goal of Montessori toys or “work” is to be focused on a single skill. A lot of battery toys have buttons that do five different things. That would take away the isolation of a single skill to focus on. We don’t believe the colorful toys matter so much, as providing natural or wooden materials whenever possible. Less is more! The more there is (lights, music, etc.) the more chance of overstimulation and less focus.

 Colorful toys are not “discouraged.” Though, Montessori is about trying to limit “visual busy-ness” of objects so children can focus. Some people have a preference for more natural looking toys. But many natural toys are also colored and they are not necessarily discouraged. What really matters is material, quality and ease on the eye. Super busy/colorful/patterned toys can be chaotic. Imagine walking into an overstimulating room verses a calm one, it’s fine for occasion, but not consistently. Now imagine if you have a whole room full of those busy toys, imagine the overwhelm and excessive mental stimulation. It’s simply not conducive for creating a peaceful environment for creation, completion of tasks, and imagination.

In my own life, I like simplicity, cleanliness, calm and visually pleasing rooms. I imagine my kiddo would like the same for her everyday room.