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Shipping Policy

Thank you for visiting and shopping at Zeba Kids.

We will answer some of most commonly asked questions.

1. Do you ship your products worldwide?

Yes, we ship our products WORLDWIDE.

2. Shipping details

Please allow between 18- 40 days for your order to arrive. If more than 40 days have passed please email us at to review the status of your order. Refunds will be handled through email if necessary.

UPDATE: Due to pandemic, we kindly apologize in advance and would like to ask you to have patience if your order doesn't arrive within 40 days. This situation is slowing down the traffic and shipping operations, and we're doing everything that's within our power to make the process faster. 

3. How can I track my order?

After placing an order, you will be given a Tracking number to track your order and you can follow your order directly on our website. 

4. For return and refund policy, click here.

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